Swamiji was born to Sri Anjaneyulu. Gurrappadiya and Smt.Varalakshmi. Anjaneyulu was a great scholar, had a very good knowledge of Astrology. He was a writer and a poet. Above all he was a great devotee of Lord Dattatreya.


Anjaneyulu had taken Mantropadesham (spiritual Initiation) from Sri Devakinandana Swami. It was believed that Sri Devakinandana Swami Was Sri Anjaneyulu's guru in his previous birth also. He came to give the Blessings of Lord Dattatreya in this birth.

Sri. Anjaneyulu worked as a lecturer in Guntur, a place in the State of Andhra Pradesh, which is a Southern part of India. . In the college he trained the students to appear for Benaras Hindu University Matriculation Exams. He had to take them to Benaras . Kasi (Benaras) is the most sacred place for Hindus in India, Where there is the famous temple of Lord Siva known as the Temple of Kasi Viswanatha.

When Anjaneyulu went to Benaras his wife was pregnant with their 4Th child. He left them under the care of his younger brother Satyanarayana. Anjaneyulu used to worship lord Viswanatha everyday in the temple.

One auspicious night when Anjaneyulu was praying to the God in the temple, suddenly he saw an effulgent luminous light coming from the lingam of the Lord Viswanatha. He was very much thrilled at that site. Instantaneously he knew that lord Viswanatha was born to him as son. His profound knowledge in astrology and sixth sense also told him what he felt is true. It was March 5th, 1944 Around 10.30 p.m. Three days later Sri Anjaneyulu received a letter from Guntur saying that his wife delivered a baby boy on March 5th at 10.30 p.m. The same day and time when he saw the light. Anjaneyulu had named the boy as Viswanatha Sastri.


It is this Viswanatha Sastri who became a school teacher, a man who was continuously in search of God and Who has ultimately envisioned the God and now is the person who sees the presence of God and his power every where in living and non-living objects. After 21 years of rigorous penace, mortification of body with celibacy, he attained siddatwa. He has taken the charge of a teacher of the universe i.e. VISWA GURU. He is considered as the Avatar of Lord Dattatreya.