Mr.Manikya Murthy Aakella is a retired school master coincidentally he was a teacher of Swamiji when Swamiji was in school. Now the Student has turned in to a teacher and the Teacher is turned into a deciple. Manikya Murthy and his family had many experiences and witnessed many miracles of swamiji. They stay near Viswa Mandir Guntur. Swamiji gave him a photo of him to Manikya Murthy. Till today sweet nectar, Vibhuti (sacred Ash) and KUMKUM (a powder red in color, which is holy to married women) comes from the photo. Who ever goes to their home can see it happening and they can touch it for themselves. There is no magic in it. Swamiji had given the same photo to many of his devotees but nothing is coming out of any of the photos.

Mr. G. Ramarayudu is an industrialist of Guntur. Once he was in Germany for purchase of some machinery. After supper in a Restaurant he fell unconscious and was moved to a hospital. At that very moment his wife Mrs. Lakshmikantam was at Viswa Mandir Guntur. Swamiji rose from his seat placed his hand on the head of Mrs. Lakshmikantam and said "your husband is alright, he will be safe". Again when she took leave bowing to thy feet after the function at Viswa Mandir Swamiji repeated what he said earlier about her husband. Even though she was happy about her husband's welfare she was surprised at Swamiji's behavior 'cause she didn't ask Swamiji anything about her husband. After coming home she asked her son-in-law to make an international call to Germany which he made and learnt all that happened. Soon Mr. Ramarayudu got well-visited U.S.A. underwent medical tests returned home safely. Swamiji's boon bestowing hand proved to be long enough to save Mr. Ramarayudu abroad. Swamiji guards his devotees like an angel wherever they are at all times.

Mrs.Uma Devi daughter of Mr.Ramarayudu and Mrs.Lakshmikantam (industrialist of Guntur) once was afflicted with Meningitis (brain fever). She was admitted in the NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad (Capital City of the State of Andhra Pradesh). Doctors told the wailing parents and husband on the fifth day that there is no hope for survival of the patient. Mrs.Lakshmikantam telephoned Swamiji to Guntur and told him what the doctors have said to them. Swamiji assured that her daughter would be doing just fine after fifteen days and He would go there to see her. Vibhuti (the sacred ash) given by Swamiji was applied to the patient every day. Swamiji visited the patient after fifteen days and blessed her. The attending doctors answered the quries made by Swamiji. After listening to the doctors Swamiji asked the patient to move her right hand .She slowly opened her eyes and lifted her hand. Moved her lips in smile as a response to Swamiji's bidding. The doctors amazed and amused at the miracle because the patient was almost paralyzed lying on the bed for a fortnight by then. On another visit of Swamiji Mrs.Uma Devi lifted her hand and held an apple placed in her hand by Swamiji and placed her another hand on Swamiji's stomach under the orders of Swamiji. In due course the patient was discharged. She improved her movement, vision, and speech now leading a normal life as a housewife with her husband and children in Guntur. The grateful parents say that Swamiji brought their daughter back to life with his Divine powers. They consider Him as GOD-INCARNATE who came to earth to save mankind.

THE POTENTIAL POWER OF VIBHUTI (the sacred ash/powder)

Mrs.Aruna Kumari is an Advocate and Joint Commissioner of Hindu Religious Endowments Government of Andhra Pradesh. One day when she was cooking in the kitchen a glass bottle fell on her left foot causing a sizable wound and profuse bleeding. It was Sunday evening and was raining heavily. No medical help could be got easily. Her husband who was not much of believer in saints at her request poured the Vibhuti on the wound, smeared it all around. She was chanting the Swamiji's Mantra OM SRI SAI RAM GURU DEVA DATTA. Lot of pain abated and she slept well. The bleeding stopped. By next morning there was not even a trace of the wound. Her husband could not imagine if her foot was cut at all.

Mr.Manikonda Raja Rao is an Income Tax Practitioner. His wife was laid up with an orthopedic problem of her leg and was in bed for some time. She had traction to her leg and was to lie flat on her back on the bed. Bedsores appeared on her back and Mr. Raja Rao approached Swamiji. Swamiji visited the place of Mr.Raja Rao and witnessed the pitiable condition of his wife. Swamiji advised Raja Rao to mix a pinch of Vibhuti in water and give the same to her for seven days. Swamiji vowed that she would be up on her legs in a week's time. Accordingly and in strict adherence to Swamiji's divine direction Vibhuti application, chanting of OM SRI SAI RAM GURU DEVA DATTA Mantra was done. To their amazement the lady got up from the bed and was helping herself to her physical needs and in another months time she was completely cured. For Raja Rao's family Swamiji is a God himself born on the earth to help the needy people.


Mr.Trivikrama Rao Chittoru Advocate of Andhra Pradesh in all solemnity and with self-effacing humility observes that "Swamiji is a Jivanmukta, a liberated soul while in a body. With his divinity he attained identity with universal consciousness, has his ideal nature one world consciousness and universal outlook and is dedicated to advance the welfare of humanity with his humanistic attitude and with the evangelic of love. Mr.Trivikrama Rao tells every body to imbibe the quintessence of the ennobling and enduring teachings of Swami Sri Viswa Yogi Viswamji and earn the grace of the Lord.

Mr.Anantaramaiah Elurupati a scholar of unparalleled excellence and erudition and oracle; a by-word for mastery in Sanskrit Vedic lore writes Swamiji "knows all as Lord Krishna knows". He is a Jnani, the best of knowers, of men matters, past present future. He has nothing for himself .he has everything for everybody irrespective of class, caste and creed to give love, sympathy, compassion, blessings, relief, cures and emancipation from the thralldom of life, if sought for.

Viswamji is a Yogi of love says the SAI bhakta Sikhamani Mr.Rangacharya of Hyderabad. "swamiji possess subtle powers of loving and he awakens sublime affections of human heart. It is a familiar sight of Viswa Mandir greeting visitors each with a loving blessing pat and a benevolent look and cordiality, dispelling tensions, bestowing solace to one and all, a significant characteristic of Viswamji.

Mr. panduranga Rao Gorijavolu a dogmatic rationalist turned into a devotee by the grace of Viswamji. He estimates Viswamji as "the Abode of Virtues". He experienced a great light getting in to him from the forehead of Viswamji in the early hours of a day in July in the year1989. He could see Viswamji as a "Divine entity".

His Holiness SRI SRI SRI Siva Chidananda Bharati Swamy Head of SRI Siddheswari Peetham, Courtalam, State of Tamil Nadu declares that Viswamji is the Integrated divine Form of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara The Trinity of Supreme Gods of Hindu Religion. He opines that, revered remembrance of Swamiji, prostating touch of Swamiji's feet and listening with faith his blessed speech, will end the cycles of Birth and Death and will ensure liberation for the seeker, supplicant and sadhaka the trainee. Viswamji is an Avatar Purusha. He is the fullness of lord Dattatreya. Viswamji's function is to give Bliss and Helpless and Needy. He advented to Earth to ensure prosperity to the Universe.