Viswa yogi Viswamji is the Embodiment of LOVE.

Viswa yogi Viswamji is the GURU of the Universe.

Viswa yogi Viswamji is the Father of the Human Race.

Viswa yogi Viswamji is the Avatar of Lord Dattatreya on the earth.


Who is this Viswamji? How he became the avatar of God? What does He do? Can a human being transform into God OR Is it the God who took the form of a human being and born into this world? These are the questions for which the answers have to be learned by both theists and atheists.

If man has to transform into god himself then he has to climb thousands of steps in theology. He has to be in constant search of God and learn his principles and try to implement those principles in day-to-day life. When man is trying to do this the God comes down to take the hand of man and ultimately unite in the man. The unification of Human mind with GOD is termed as YOGA. When this Yoga reaches the peak the MAN becomes the YOGI, the GOD, and the AVATAR.

The meaning of Avatar is coming down a few stages by condensing and recapitulating the powers. The energy released during this process is the power of YOGA, which can also be termed as the Datta Sakthi. Viswa Yogi Viswamji is the Datta Sakthi. The need and necessity of this Avatar of Viswamji is to unite people with motherly care, love, affection bring peace and harmony between the nations which inturn makes the WORLD into a single family called THE VASUDHEIKA KUTUMBAM.

Swamiji with devotees

Viswamji belongs to the universe. He is the epitome of love. The symbol of peace. He showers love on the persons who come to see Him. He wants the fellow being to love others, as he loves himself.