Swamiji's creed is humanity and its unity is his Heart's concern. Swamiji's function, aim, goal, desire, duty is universal integration. He aims at uniting the people of all religions ,castes, creeds, societies, races, and nations under one umbrella. Swamiji says the concept of Sanatana Dharma helps at uniting the people. Sanatana Dharma is the path of eternal righteousness with emphasis on unity of mankind. Swamiji's main emphasis is on Sanatana Dharma. The four basic pillars of Sanatana Dharma are (1)truth (2)character (3)sense of unity (4)purity of soul. When man follows these rules there will be peace everywhere and there will be no place for chaos.


Swamiji is building a Structure called the UNIVERSAL INTEGRATION PILLAR in a place called Kondrupadu a village near Guntur. It stands for the unity and integrity of mankind irrespective of their origin and culture. It represents the major religions of the world. It is a very huge construction. The radius of the Structure is 45 meter. The foundation stone for this Structure was laid down by the then Supreme Court Chief Justice of India Justice Ranganatha Misra. It is the dream come true of Swamiji. The four facets of the pillar are Truth, Unity, Purity and Character. Swamiji has named the place as VISWANAGAR the UNIVERSAL CITY (OR) THE CITY OF THE UNIVERSE.

The structure is round in shape resembling the globe and is a building in itself containing three floors. The pillar is seated on eight petals of Lotus flower shaped base highlighting intelligence and reason. The base has the prayer cum meditation hall which accommodates 1000 people at a time. There are eight entrances to the hall. The eight entrances represents eight religions of the world. The meaning behind these entrances is all paths lead to the God the ruler the omnipotent and omnipresent the creator the destroyer of the universe WHO is formless. The message it gives is GOD is one. We call the power with different names, worship in different forms, shapes. When we realize the presence of GOD at some place we will come to understand that the power of God is universal, unique. It is the cosmic power, which is filled in all particles of the universe. But before realizing the truth we think in different ways and follow various paths to attain salvation.


On the pillar is a Pigeon. It is the token of peace. The pigeon is in Sun and around the pigeon are the rays of sun, which pertains to the knowledge of man. The lions above the pigeon render us the stamina, endurance, encouragement to the people to walk towards the path of GOD and finally realize the power of GOD and ultimately unite oneself in the cosmic energy of GOD.

At the top of the pillar is the "POORNAKUMBHAM" which represents the integration of the world into unit. The complete structure of the pillar represents the body, which is a temple or place of worship, and the inside structure or the prayer hall represents the seat of GOD. The pillar reveals that all humanity eventually, must be integrated into one world order under the father-hood of GOD, the Almighty.

In the Viswanagar Swamiji is also constructing a super speciality hospital to serve the need of the poor and down trodden people. There are proposals for constructing:

Auditorium, which accommodates 5000 people, the Auditorium is named as ASTA-SIDDHA;

NAVAJEVANA houses and cottages for superannuated servicemen and intellectuals;

MADHUVAN a beautiful garden between the pillar and the auditorium;

PEACE COTTAGES for the devotees who wish to spend their remainder of life time in divine pursuits in spiritually charged atmosphere;

GRAM VIKAS KENDRA to convert the villages as living testimony and symbols of nationalism and culture some of the projects in the offing.

There is a medical research center at this place, which will be constructed soon.

The cost of this very huge project is thousands of dollars. Swamiji does not have a single penny with him. Then from where all this money is coming from? Thousands of his devotees from all over the world is donating for the project to be completed according to their capacity.

In the words of Swami Viswayogi Viswamji "the Universal Integration Pillar is my ultimate aim. This is my life force. It is my souls target, my goal my very pulsation this all-in-all where with all. This is the temple, church, and masjid of supreme knowledge. To work for it's success is a true declaration of devotion.



Swamiji will stay at VISWANAGAR. Swamiji's devotees have constructed an abode for him. It is called the "VISWA GURU PEETHAM" meaning the ABODE OF THE UNIVERSAL GURU i.e. Swamiji.

Behind the abode of Swamiji there is a temple of lord Dattatreya.